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About Us

The English Angora is one of the oldest known breeds of domestic rabbit, having been in existence since before 1700.  It is smaller in size thans it continental counterparts weighing up to 7.5lbs maximum adult weight.  Its coat is very much finer and silkier and is, in the opinion of some, a far superior animal.  It probably occurred, originally, as a mutation although little it known abouts it origins.  The Angora was originally named the "White Shock Turkey Rabbit" and later, the "English Silk Rabbit".  It was exported to France in the 1700's and various other breeds were used to produce coloured Angoras. 

The National Angora Club was founded in 1963 and was created from the amalgamation of the United Angora Rabbit Club (UARC) and the British Angora Rabbit Society (BARS).  From its inception the president of the club was Mrs Barbara Pratley (Willowbank).  She is one of the breeds most influential figures both from a exhibition and products point of view.  Her impressive mark will be forever left on the breed and the club. 

The club is not only there for people who wish to exhibit the rabbit, but for those who are keen enthusiasts in the production of craft products using Angora wool.  We hold two products shows per year, usually alongside the two main championship small livestock shows of the year, and we also attend major events such as Woolfest.  

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